Interview for Janie Bullard's Story Craft:

 Stephanie Levin: Transformative, Transcendent, and Totally Sexy

Happily After Ever:

"Janet — spacy and shallow but fetching in her dotted mint-green sundress — is a perfect fit for Darren, who’s equally shallow but also kind of perky and has that handsome cleft chin...By turns whimsical, campy, hallucinatory and poignant, it nods to scads of classic sitcoms, unfolding in a Technicolor world (grassy set by Rebecca Lord-Surratt, costumes by Stephanie levin, lights by Megan Dallas Estes) where the men are men and the women are bored at home."

Lauren Collins-Hughs, New York Times: "In Happily After Ever, a Couple's Impossible Choice."


Too Many Lenas 3: Let Them Eat Cake:

"Among the costumes (by Stephanie Levin) are many pairs of shorts, not one of them ill fitting."

Lauren Collins-Hughs, New York Times: "Varied Sides of One Girl: Poking fun in 'Too Many Lenas 3: Let Them Eat Cake' "


Red Flamboyant:

"Dressed in Stephanie Levin's traditional costumes, they're truly beautiful." 

Ed Malin, NYTheatre Now

"Karen Fuhrman's aerial choreography is gorgeous, and Stephanie Levin's lovely costume design manages to skillfully marry traditional Vietnamese dress with the bulky necessity of an aerial harness." 

Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review


Once Upon A Bride, There Was A Forest:

"And Stephanie Levin's costumes are simply divine, espeically Belle's many frilly dresses which seem to get more spectacular as the play goes on."

Amanda La Perloga, Theatre is Easy

"Stephanie Levin's costumes bring in elements of both worlds in the play. While Warren and Josie primarily wear modern garb, the Wright family appears to have stepped out of a storybook."

Rachel Weinberg, BroadwayWorld Reviews


Less Than Fifty Percent:

"Stephanie Levin’s carefully casual costume design shows off both actors’ appeal."

Jake Lipman,


Hearts Like Fists

"Stephanie Levin’s costumes are superb and eye-popping." 

Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld Reviews

"Like all of the remarkable things in this hyper comic strip, the swift changes, weapon tosses, and ripping off of street clothes to reveal superhero outfits (nicely done by Stephanie Levin) come off as effortless."

Ed Malin, Reviews

"Flux Theater Ensemble, including director Kelly O’Donnell, the design team featuring Will Lowry (scenes), Janie Bullard (sounds), Stephanie Levin (costumes), Kia Rogers (lights), and Adam Swiderski (fights) have produced such a tight, well envisioned and executed performance that you may forget you’re in Long Island City and not on Broadway."

Will Kenton, Culture Capitol

"The comic-book influences are clear down to the most minor detail. The set pieces are simple so that you can better appreciate the floor, which is decorated with the kinds of technicolor “pow” and “wham” sound effects you used to see more often in superhero panels. The Crimefighters’ outfits are reminiscent of Sally Jupiter’s getup in Watchmen. . . In look and speech, the Crimefighters bring to mind ‘50s bombshells . . "

Natalie Zutter,


Animals Commit Suicide:

"Incredibly detailed costume design by Stephanie Levin includes spiked collars, faded jeans, and sneakers with bright, right shoe laces."

Marcina Zaccaria, Theater Pizzazz